Capstone Projects

The bioengineering program culminates in an intensive interdisciplinary design project. Students complete this part of their education in several ways:

  • as an individual senior thesis within a research group (BME195 3 times + BME 123T),
  • as a group design project within BME 123A-B,
  • as a group design project in CMPE/EE129A-B-C, or
  • as part of the iGEM synthetic biology competition (BME180 + BME 188A/B).

The senior thesis typically includes one to two years of laboratory work; bioengineering undergraduates seek out research laboratories in their sophomore and junior years. The six month 123A-B projects can be faculty- or student-initiated, and may include students from all engineering disciplines.

The capstone project reports are submitted as part of the senior portfolio required for graduation.

Academic Year: 2009-2010
Student Project Name
Gerald Cherf The Design of a Molecule That Blocks Klenow Fragment’s DNA Polymerase Function
Adam Rogers Cancer Biomarker Sensing through Antibody Immobilization and Current Detection in Nanopipettes
Melissa Eberle Design and Optimization of Fluorophore-Tagged Oligonucleotides for FRET Detection in Optofluidic ARROW Waveguides
Chuck Chan Nanopore Device Redesign
Samantha Downey Eliminating Adhesion of Biomolecules in Optofluidic Waveguides
John Havener LEX: Lower Limb Exoskeleton
Raj Maitra iRAGE: Independent DNA Recovery from an Agarose Gel after Electrophoresis
Academic Year: 2010-2011
Student Project Name
Bertram Linderkamp Robo4 Monoclonal Antibody Creation for HSC Identification
Sahil Nayak iRAGE: Independent DNA Recovery from an Agarose Gel after Electrophoresis
Chirag Sharma Reverse Electrodialysis Project Report
Jeff Ta Fully Automated Cross Platform Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing
Ziah Dean Microscopy Techniques Using Fluorescence Imaging
Hytham Rashid Blocking Oligomer Design Update
Chris Robles Metal Based Genomic DNA Fragmentation to Prepare Libraries for Next Generation Sequencing
Matthew Hopper Effect of Voltage on Nucleotide Position in a Nanopore
Serban Ciotlos Structural Stability Analyses of Archaeal Small RNAs
Carla De Los Santos Annotation and analysis of newly discovered mycobacteriophage genomes
Alexandra Eastes Reverse Electrodialysis
Jessica Borja Electronic circuits with biological applications
Brad Boone Autonomous Mobile Porter System
Asis Lopez Wireless Electromyography Amplfiier for Lower Limb Exoskeleton
Aaron Lau The Clean Oceans Device
Evan Von Lackum Robotic Arm for Dynamic Registration
Derek Chang Electronic Circuits with Applications to Bioengineering
Laci Hampton Semi-automated Emulsion Breaking and Bead Washing for Next-Generation Sequencing